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Intro to Burgundy

Learn all about the amazing French wine region of Burgundy with our friend and guest host Nathan Derri, district manager of Dreyfus, Ashby, & Co. Burgundy is a truly wondrous place that produces some of the finest wines in the world. Nathan gives us a 101 intro class about what makes Burgundy so special. Grab a glass and join us!

The Faces Behind the Greek Wine Renaissance

Learn the faces behind the Greek Wine Renaissance! Watch our webinar and learn about the amazing people bringing Greek wine to the forefront! Grab a glass and join us!

A Wine Tour of Greece Webinar

Join us as we explore the truly wonderous wine-producing regions of Greece and learn what makes these diverse areas so amazing.

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Let's Talk About Tannins

Ari & Foti discuss tannins. What are they, where they come from, and how they affect the wines you love. Grab a glass and join us!

Wine Varieties with Multiple Names?

You ever wonder what the difference is between Pinot Grigio and Pinto Gris? Syrah and Shiraz? Well, we are here to shed some light on the reasons and differences of wine varieties that have different naming conventions! Grab a glass and join us!

Wine Scores Explained

We do a very basic breakdown on the wine scoring system, including history and how it affects our own buying decisions. Grab a glass and join us!

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