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Very cool homemade cork board
How NOT to taste wine :)


**Monthly Wine Challenge - October 2020 Tasting Notes Post!!**

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Octoberber 2020 MWC tasting notes post! The month is flying by, and Thanksgiving is but a memory now for those of us north of the 49th. I'm excited for this months challenge, and really surprised as I thought our primary grape would have been easier to find. Thanksfully w

Free Talk Friday

Bottle porn without notes, random musings, off topic stuff submitted by /u/CondorKhan [link][comments]

Finished my last unit for WSETdip \o/

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Line-up from Danish r/Wine Meet-up Saturday

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Willamette Valley Recap

Hi all, I recently got back from the Willamette Valley and though I would share my experiences and thoughts with everybody in case anybody was interested in heading to the Valley or any of the wineries I attended. The trip was part of my honeymoon and wine tasting covered 4 days of the trip. Sorry f