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Very cool homemade cork board
How NOT to taste wine :)


**Monthly Wine Challenge - September 2020 Tasting Notes Post!**

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the September 2020 MWC tasting notes post! The month has flown by, and naturally working evenings this week has thrown me of. Oh well. I'm excited for this months challenge, and it looks like it might be pretty popular as well. I dont get to try German wine as often as I shou

Free Talk Friday

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UPDATE: Might have just ruined a $60,000 wine collection.

Some may remember, about 4 months ago, I made a post describing how my cooler failed, and heated my cellar up to 113°F / 45°C, and as a result, may have cooked all of my wine. Just wanted to update those that may have wondered, "What ever happened to all that wine? “ A lot of wine has been put in fr

I nailed this in a blind tasting yesterday

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2015 Domaine de la Romanee Conti - Echezeaux

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