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Very cool homemade cork board
How NOT to taste wine :)


**Monthly Wine Challenge - December 2020 Selection Post!**

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the December 2020 MWC selection post! I can't believe that The year is almost (fianally!) over, and once again the holidays are here again! I'm glad to see that last months selecton was popular, judging from some of the posts to the sub! As red was our colour last month, back

Free Talk Holiday Season - Pairing and gift suggestions - chatter, bottle pics, etc, and as reminder: All bottle porn posts must include tasting notes!

Bottle porn without notes IN THIS THREAD ONLY, random musings, off topic stuff, gift ideas, pairings with holiday food etc. submitted by /u/CondorKhan [link][comments]

Got the wine corner reconfigured with some proper shelving.

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Outstanding Pinot Noir from the Czech Republic

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Sine Qua Non - Poker Face & Into the Darkness (2004)

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